What I bought & Wardrobe diaries: February 2021

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New in

Not a particularly good February for my wardrobe/wallet…

Aje Ribbon Tee (old season; pre-owned via eBay; burgundy; XS) – I’ve been wanting the Aje Ribbon Tee for a while now because I’ve been admiring their thick-but-not-stiff cotton tees and this is the only logo design I like. On eBay, the pre-owned tees regularly sell for close to $100, unfortunately. I was really drawn to this burgundy (of course), which I couldn’t find any old stock photos of, so perhaps it was only brought out for a season a few years back. The condition was okay and definitely looked worn but I don’t mind. I think the previous owner had a cat because I spent a long time getting rid of hairs with a lint roller as it wouldn’t come out in the wash. It’s super SUPER oversized and I would probably look for an XXS next time but I also don’t mind XS. With shipping, $74 minus 7% off gift card = $68.82

St. Agni Ranger Shorts (old season; brand new pre-owned via eBay; navy; XS) – I first saw these shorts on a Youtuber and was quite interested but not enough to try the brand for the first time at that price point. I also didn’t like the colours available for the season. Luckily I found these brand new in navy. The cut is everything I wanted, with the pleats, large pockets, length, and super high-waist. The XS fits me so well! The cotton-linen blend does wrinkle easily though. With shipping, $89.95 minus 7% off gift card = 83.65

Nobody Denim Siren Skinny Ankle Jeans (old season; winner (blue); 25) – As half my pants no longer fit me, my size 26 Nobody Denim jeans are also loose now and only wearable at home. Nobody Denim had a REALLY good sale and I justified that it was the perfect opportunity to pick up a pair from the Siren range to try (super high-waisted vs my previous Cult Skinny style which are high-waisted). I had them taken up a few centimetres and the fit is perfect. I’ve never had such a light wash of skinny jeans and do still want some black or dark wash jeans that fit… With shipping, $70

Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Ankle Jeans (old season; pre-owned via eBay; blackout (black); 25) – …So I also picked up a black pair off eBay. For some reason, the cut is really off on this pair literally everywhere. The waist, legs and butt are all too big! Maybe it’s a quality control issue or maybe there is a problem with the black jeans at Nobody Denim (not sure how this is possible though), as the black pair in 26 I had also fits much larger than my navy pair in 26. Both black pairs are no longer in my wardrobe (see below) and the hunt continues. With shipping, $30.35 minus 7% off gift card = $28.23

Celine wool-cashmere high-waist wide leg pants (pre-owned via eBay; black; 34) – This is where things really went downhill in February because while I always have a wishlist of pre-owned Celine goods I’m watching, I ended up snagging three of them in about a week. The condition of these pants are impeccable and like new. I’m not convinced they’ve ever been laundered. These pants may never get worn as they are too long for me and a big big on the waist but gosh darn it they are so beautiful and it wouldn’t even be the first piece of clothing I’ve purchased to keep as art/collectible, lol. I haven’t decided if I’ll go in with alterations for the time being and I almost can’t bear to. $235

Celine compact fold wallet (old season; pre-owned via eBay; navy) – It’s been a long time coming as I’ve been patiently looking at old Celine compact wallets forever now. I was actually going to get a second one too but someone else snapped it up (and I absolutely regret it so much because it was a compact burgundy zip around!!!). This beautiful navy with gold hardware and reasonable price point (negotiated down a little bit) ticked two boxes. The front closure has some wear (obvious in the sale photo) but other than that it looks gently used and fairly good. $330 minus $5 voucher minus two partial gift cards at 7% off and 5% off = $306.75

Celine silk long-sleeve shirt (pre-owned via eBay; wine; 34) – I had been watching this shirt since last year when I think it was listed for around $300. Over time the seller continued to reduce the price down and then I managed to negotiate even more off. This was an absolute steal, and I’m borderline embarrassed! I’m finding that the Celine sizing, which is meant to be equivalent to AU6, definitely runs large. The colour is stunning and the silk is the nicest silk I’ve ever come in contact with. Condition is excellent! With shipping, $161.95 minus 7% off gift card = $149.70

Zimmermann Stovepipe cropped cotton-blend cady slim-leg pants (via The OutNet (also here via Zimmermann; black; 0) – As mentioned, most of my pants don’t fit anymore so I started a new hunt for pants in a smaller size. When these arrived, they were too big (I know I am 0P in Zimmermann but the size was sold out) but I really liked the fabric and I kind of saw potential when I squinted. I took them to Mum and she worked her tailoring magic because while she thought there was something mediocre about the original cut at the front, she agrees the fabric is divine (very tight weave, smooth and good weight). (Nb mine is a cotton blend but the Stovepipe pants listed on Zimmermann’s website is viscose without cotton so that’s confusing…) They fit LIKE A DREAM now and are possibly my favourite pants in my whole wardrobe! I can wear them with everything and to work or on the weekends. Was $572, down to $228 minus 30% off = $159.60

February 2021 total: $1101.75

Considered or tried

Pringle of Scotland wool and silk-blend crepe wide-leg pants (via The OutNet; black; 6) – These were the other pair of pants in my order. The fabric was itchy and the fit was too oversized for me given that I have short legs. Back they went.

Other updates

I sold the never-worn Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Comfort Jeans in black size 26 purchased two summers ago as they were too large. I sold a County Road silk long-sleeve shirt in teal blue XS as it’s a bit short in the torso for tucking and layering and the colour doesn’t go with my skin tone. The silk had quite a bit of wear. +$24.07

The terribly ill-fitting pair of Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Ankle Jeans in blackout size 25 from eBay was passed on to my Mum. I was going to throw it out if she didn’t want it but she did some alterations to it. She still agrees that there is something off about the way the jeans were cut and we definitely suspect a quality control issue.