What I bought & Wardrobe diaries: January 2021

New in

Madewell Hilltop Cactus Shirt (via David Jones; XS) – I saw this previously in store and thought the cacti were so cute but then decided to pick it up when DJ did an extra 20% off sale items. I ordered both XS and S since reviews mentioned it was really cropped. I didn’t notice much difference in the length so kept the smaller size since it is already extremely wide and boxy. I wear this with high waisted bottoms, untucked or unbutton the bottom one/two button/s and tie a knot as it is barely long enough to tuck into most bottoms. It’s really light and breathable for the summer and WFH though the embroidery is a bit itchy. Was $149.95, down to $99 and extra 20% off = $79.20

Scanlan Theodore Embroidered Eyelet Culotte (pre-owned via eBay; 6) – This is my first time trying this Australian brand. I had been wanting an Aje white linen culotte on eBay for a while but it’s buy-it-now price was a bit expensive. This looked really cute too and the auction was much more affordable. The waist is a tad big on me and the legs are a bit too exaggerated for a short-legged person like myself. Ideally if it was a bit shorter it would look much better on me. However I do enjoy them and the eyelet fabric is so gorgeous. It’s condition was pristine and I don’t regret trying out this brand first in this way. Including shipping, $43.

January 2021 total: $122.20

Considered or tried

Jac + Jack Walker Long Sleeve Tee (via David Jones; Cotta; XS) – Gee, I’m really having difficulties with this brand. I wanted to try out their linen stuff in the same DJ order with the extra 20% off sale items. I picked this dusty pink colour. All I remember was the moment I touched the fabric with my fingers I knew it was going back. It was an incredibly rough linen weave. This style would be a very casual tee for me, predominantly worn at home, and there is zero chance I could wear this for more than a minute.

Other updates

I threw away two Esprit cotton tees (one short sleeve and one long sleeve). They’re very fitted and in an easy-to-wrinkle cotton. I kept thinking I would keep to wear them at home but I never have in the last several years.

I did also forget (in the last post) that when moving house last year I threw away a pair of really battered Ziera Topaz sandals in black. The insides were so disgusting after wearing them pretty much everyday during the first Spring and Summer I got them. I took them straight to USA, where it was hot, humid and occasionally rained heavily, so they started their life off with lots of sweat, going through downpours and of course accumulating a lot of dirt and grime from all the walking everyday. Over time the dirt stopped wiping off and they were no longer appropriate to wear out. I have the same pair as a backup but for the last two-ish years I have been saving them and wearing the brown pair instead while I have another black sandal on the go.