What I bought & Wardrobe diaries: October to December 2020

New in

Jac + Jack Verte Organic Cotton Tee (via The Iconic; darkest navy; S) – I decided to try a Jac + Jack tee when The Iconic was having a massive cashback offer on top of 30% off selected items, landing this tee at almost half price. Jac + Jack is an Australian brand, which I feel markets themselves on premium fabrics and minimalist designs. I last wrote about procuring a pre-owned cashmere jumper (which was wrongly listed so I returned it) and trying on a skirt which completely swamped me. I decided to go for S and it fits perfectly for a slightly relaxed-fitted look, if that makes sense. I like that the crew neck is higher with ribbing and the fabric is soft but not thin and drapey. I really like it and wear it frequently. I have considered buying more colours of this line (since it is their only sustainable, made in USA line of tees) but I will wait for the right price. I think the quality of mine is fantastic though I did see some in store recently with very poor stitching work, so I will have to be careful in future. Was $99 – 30% – $12.60 cashback = $56.70

Viktoria & Woods Intarsia Knit (via David Jones; 0; sold out) – I ordered this in both 0 and 1 but I was refunded the latter size as it subsequently sold out. The 0 was fine so I kept it. I absolutely adore the colours and I really enjoy a good cotton jumper with a mock neck. It was a bit of an antsy purchase which I could’ve done without but I am so happy with it. I was very surprised to see the cashback amount approved recently, as the amount was based on four items in this order, two of which were refunded due to no stock and one which I returned (discussed below). I am, of course, not complaining! Was $290, down to $183.20 – $18.68 cashback = $164.52

Aje Allegro Belted Jean (Classic wash; 6) – Earlier I purchased the similar pair in black because I had been wanted this classic wash pair all year. I wore the black ones a lot so when this finally went on sale, I snapped it up. They are so comfortable. HOWEVER due to the flexibility and extra time gained from WFH, lifestyle changes led to me losing ~one size towards the end of 2020. These jeans are a bit large (to be fair the website did advise to size down anyway…). I already had them hemmed so I intend to keep both pairs for now and tighten the belt as much as possible. Was $295, down to $206 (expecting $9.38 cashback)

Cos cotton long-sleeve top (black; 6) – I couldn’t find this on the website (also it’s wrinkled and I’m lazy so no photo). I actually find the very smooth and stiff cotton Cos uses quite difficult to maintain, even if it feels and looks nice. It’s like a magnet for dust and fluff! Unsurprisingly the fit is loose and large, but the A-line shape and wide sleeves are lovely. I REALLY like the single pocket on the front – so handy to pop my phone there to keep it with me around the house! Was $99.90 – 50% off = $49.95 but gave my Mum $50 in cash (she put our purchases on her card)

Cos cotton-cupro boat neck long-sleeve top (purple; 8) – (As above, lazy so no photo) I am on the fence about this purchase. My Mum purchased this top in a beautiful purple-mauve in size 6. I really wanted it but didn’t want to buy the same top (she saw it first!). There was a purple one too but the smallest available was 8. I had already been in the change rooms (which had a long line) so I tried it on over my clothes. Again, the silhouette is loose and boxy so I thought it would work. This material is really smooth and super difficult to keep wrinkle-free. The shoulders and wide boat neck are bigger than I would like. I probably should not have bought this size. Was $99.90 – 50% off = $49.95 but gave my Mum $50 in cash (she put our purchases on her card)

Acne Studios Mini Musubi Bag (burgundy – newly uploaded stock photos on Acne Studios website are fairly inaccurate for all the colours; better stock photos here) – I have had a journey and a half with this bag all 2020 and finally picked it up in the last days of the year. I first saw this bag online in black and thought the design was interesting but wasn’t wowed. And then at the start of 2020, I saw lumiere.dhelen‘s brown (not sure if it’s the caramel or the almond brown) and Brittany Bathgate‘s white Musubi bags, frequently featured on their Youtube channels. The lighter colours really made the unique design of the bag “pop” and I was completely obsessed. I actually had two bags sitting on my wishlist for a almost two years but this shot right to the top. I did not want the white or either of the browns though. They released the burgundy, which I was convinced I would get if I liked the bag in person. And then in the last few months of 2020, they released a grey colour and I was convinced it was a sign and I would get the grey (neutral and more practical). However when I finally got to the store and laid eyes on the burgundy (the oxblood, burgundy, deep red shades are my favourite colours), the colour took my breath away. It’s not impractical a colour, just a little less practical than grey. So I slept on it and the next time I went back, I picked it up (it almost didn’t happen as the SA had to run to the offsite storage three times because he couldn’t find the last bag in stock!). The bag is divine and ridiculously comfortable because of the thick strap and the way the soft leather sits against you. My only complaint is that the opening and access into the bag’s compartment is narrow due to the thick short strap and division in the middle of the bag. I tried to purchase it for cheaper online/overseas but the savings from overseas were not substantial enough. $1500

I haven’t purchased jewellery since starting this series. I don’t know if I consider them part of “my wardrobe” and feel like a different category to me. I don’t ever “get rid” of fine jewellery (which I purchase very infrequently and after much thought). I also can’t link/show custom-made jewellery (engagement ring and wedding ring) or discuss price (engagement ring – unknown). 2020 was an exceptional year though, because of the engagement and wedding rings and a bracelet for my birthday which I went to pick up in the last few days of the year (six months after my birthday).

I will also mention but not include the top and skirt (worn as a dress) I purchased for our legal wedding ceremony. Potentially (and hopefully) they could be incorporated as separate pieces into my wardrobe in the future, but the need and expense falls under our wedding fund.

October to December 2020 total: $2,027.22 (With the caveat that in addition, a substantially larger amount was also spent on a wedding ring, wedding “dress” and a bracelet)

Considered or tried

With my order from David Jones that included the Viktoria & Woods jumper above, I also ordered the Gateway wool pants in 0 and 1. I was also refunded for the latter size so I only received the 0, which fit anyway. I liked the colour. My issue was the very thin (so thin it almost felt like paper) and itchy fabric, so I returned it.

Other updates

I passed on that Country Road jumper I bought recently to my Mum because I really hated the colour whereas she didn’t mind it. Before moving, I threw out four pieces that I couldn’t sell and would only end up in landfill if donated – a Witchery skirt, a French Connection tee, a French Connection skirt, and a Tracy Reese skirt.

I sold a COOP Trelise Cooper skirt, Tommy Hilfiger jumper and Saba silk sleeveless (purchased pre-owned in September 2019). Due to changes to my clothing size, I am going through and cleaning out clothes that no longer fit (mostly bottoms because tops/dresses can often still work if -1 or +2 sizes) though they’ll only be mentioned when thrown/donated/sold. After shipping and fees, +$35.87

I finally sold my old Prada wallet. Purchased in 2012 for $640 and used daily until the end of 2019, it now retails for over $1010 (crazy!). Except for the zip, it was in immaculate condition. I was trying to sell it between $350-400 because I wanted at least $300 after fees. I had some offers and negotiations between $250 and $330 that I knocked back. Shockingly someone suddenly offered me $500 and I accepted right away! Needless to say I was very happy with that outcome. After shipping and fees, +$425.20