Travel: Sydney for 10 hours

Travel: Sydney for 10 hours

Earlier this month, I visited Sydney to attend a USyd masterclass for the Masters I will be pursuing next year. I had around ten hours in total, flying in in the morning and leaving at night.

As soon as I landed, I trained into Newtown and had some brunch at Cuckoo Calley. It was a bit out of the way of central Sydney but it was the brunch place I wanted to visit. It was pretty empty and the staff were friendly. I really liked my dish.


The Sideways Shuffle: Blue swimmer crab cake with corn & avocado salsa, watermelon, cucumber & lemon jelly and a 63° poached egg

I also really enjoyed their sense of humour.


After brunch, I took the train to Circular Quay. I didn’t really have plans for the day except to wing it. Even though I’ve been to Sydney three times in very recent years, going to see the Opera House and Bridge again seemed like as good as plan as any. I didn’t want to go out of my way too much but just wander around.


I then walked a little around the city and meandered to Darling Harbour. My mum adores Darling Harbour so I made sure to take lots of pictures to send her.


I was dying of heat walking around and I unfortunately got sunburned on my shoulders.

Around mid afternoon, I started walking to Koi Dessert Bar. It was time to see whether Reynold’s desserts lived up to everything. I also wanted to bring some back for people. Unfortunately I was hesitant to buy more than two as I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up in the weather and all the walking plus the flight. I figured if they got too dismembered, I could just eat them myself. (They made it to Melbourne just fine, despite the box getting turned on its side at airport security!)

I tried the naked raspberry brownie on the day, and a bit of the Bailey’s I got my bf the next day. I also got the passionfruit one for my parents but didn’t try it. (I wish I actually had the names…) As everyone says, his technique in desserts is just about flawless. I’m not sure I would or could ever have a dessert degustation though.


After my sweet snack, I had to walk back in and meet my friend for a light dinner and catch up. We met up at Bowery Lane at 5pm and unfortunately it was too early for the dinner menu so we ate bar food – fries and croquettes. After the cake, all the fried food made me feel a bit queasy and I could barely touch it.


After our catchup, I had to head off to the USyd masterclass a block away. It was not what I had expected at all, and seemed more like a course pitch than a taste for the course, as I had hoped. Nonetheless, I enjoyed chatting to two other girls from very diverse career backgrounds.

Then I headed to the train station, arrived at the airport, had another light dinner to tide me over and flew back to Melbourne. T very kindly came to pick me up even though it was like midnight.