Food: Eating in this long weekend

This long weekend, I decided on T’s and my behalf that we wouldn’t eat out. The previous week we had eaten out a lot for various special occasions and a few unexpected finances had crept up on me, so I was keen to save some money.

Our first genius idea was to buy some ingredients for hot pot. I didn’t even realise T owned some nifty hot pot devices. The sliced lamb and beef was delicious, but the expensive Korean pork neck we got was a fail. We also had the worst dukbokki… as soon as they touched water then broke apart! I’ve never seen such a thing! We ended up splitting everything across two nights of hot pot where we stuffed ourselves silly. It was a lot of food. But we still couldn’t finish the massive wombok! Even though some of what we purchased wasn’t amazing, it was still a super delicious and incredibly fun two meals, and perfect for winter.


With some of the hot pot broth and a few of the ingredients, we also made a simple soup noodle for lunch. It was great use of the broth, which had amazing flavour.


Even though we couldn’t have brunch, we made our own simple versions. T made an omelette. I made an easy avo smash with a generous amount of lemon (just how I like it), a tiny strip of bacon, and some scrambled eggs. I couldn’t resist some sriracha on the side… because, well, I always want sriracha.


This was a light salad I made for myself, with freekeh, cucumber, beetroot and tuna. I did have a hunt for dessert later in the night.


On the last lunch, we almost gave up but I threw the idea of an easy baked eggs, using canned tomato, some sausage and (of course) eggs. It worked a treat! I had made something like it before, and I think more ingredients do make it better, but even the simplest version makes a hearty brunch dish. I would also go with more toast but only had one slice of bread to share, haha. Frugal life.