Beauty empties: April 2016

beauty empties 2016.04

MAKE UP FOREVER Lift Concealer: I originally got this in shade 1 for under eye concealing and a slightly darker shade for spot concealing. I haven’t used the other one as much because its not a great spot concealer (slips and slides too much). I’ve used this for under eye concealing for, oh gosh, somewhere between the 3-4 years (!). The product is a monster, and lasts forever, thanks to the squeezy tube packaging. For me, it is a light concealer for the under eyes. It’s blend out sheer and doesn’t hide everything but I’m okay with that. It is quite liquid-y but blends to a dry finish (I prefer to dab quickly with my finger), and only settles in lines if too much product is used. I like this enough and have been using a new tube already.

MAKE UP FOREVER Lift Concealer 15mL via Sephora (not available online)
(~$45 from memory, and there’s new packaging but I haven’t noticed any differences in the product)

Heroine Make (Kiss Me) Impact Frame & Curl Mascara is one I picked up last year because I was slowly trying out Heroine Make mascaras. This one has a really strange wand – the toothed comb to get formula onto every lash from the root, the separating brush for clump removal and defining lashes, and the compact head for lower lashes and lash corners. I don’t do my lower lashes so can’t speak about that. I wasn’t a fan of the comb side of the wand. The teeth were quite short so instead of coating each lash I tended to get too much product everywhere in big blobs. The brush was quite good and together with the mascara formula, gave me good curl, length and volume. The formula is quite tacky and waterproof, which really help to hold the lashes all day – something I’ve come to really appreciate from good Japanese mascaras. I’m unlikely to purchase again as the wand was a bit messy to work with.

beauty empties 2016.04 mascara

Heroine Make (Kiss Me) Impact Frame & Curl Mascara 7.5g via Sasa ~$17.80 (+ 4% cashback via CashRewards)

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation has been my only foundation for almost a year now. I am already on a new bottle since this one got used up. I use the shade I20 but mix in a tiny bit of I40 depending if I’m a tad darker in warmer months. I love the small, compact packaging and no-fuss squeeze nozzle (so I’m able to get almost every last bit of product out). It’s a very liquid-y formula which blends seamlessly into the skin. I can easily build coverage but I think two light layers looks the best. The finish it slightly matte but still natural. The coverage is pretty good, minimising pores and covering most mild imperfections.

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation 30mL via David Jones $57.60 (+ 6% cashback via CashRewards)
(I typically hunt around for the best price at the time – it’s frequently discounted someone on the internet, there might be a site-wide sale somewhere, or I buy off eBay)