Food Lately: August & September 2016


Takoyaki (Cafe Carpenter, Malvern East)

These takoyaki are the closest to authentic Japanese takoyaki that I’ve had in Melbourne – everywhere else in Melbourne has been a humongous disappointment. Like in Japan, they were soft and had a delightfully gooey consistency. Unlike Japan, there was very little octopus, but the batter itself and being cooked properly on the takoyaki grill already made it pretty darn scrumptious.


Fish Fingers: White anchovies, tomato butter + parsley oil on toast fingers (Hercules Morse Kitchen + Bar, South Melbourne)

I have no idea why this restaurant is not more well known. It is incredible!!! On the most recent revisit, my favourite new dish was this little number. Since I hate anchovies, it is a huge testament that this ended up not only blowing my mind, but being my firm favourite! The salty and fishy taste was evident but subtle and beautifully balanced with the milder and smoother elements. A winner!


Salted peanut brittle parfait with bruleed banana + butterscotch sauce (Hercules Morse Kitchen + Bar, South Melbourne)

I already mentioned this dessert last time, but I can’t help that it still stands tall and proud. I’ve proclaimed it is one of my favourite desserts of all time. The lovey (and extremely talented) husband and wife team behind this restaurant say people visit just to eat this. For good reason!


Soft shell crab with Chimichurri sauce + red salsa (United Kitchen Dining and Tapas, St Kilda)

These were some of the largest and most fleshy soft shell crabs I’ve ever had! They were well fried and simply seasoned, so it was perfect to enjoy the flavour and meatiness of the crabs.


Nori Taco with grilled salmon belly, sushi rice, spicy napa cabbage, Japanese mayo + chilli oil (Mr Miyagi, Windsor)

I loved this signature dish last time I visited and had been dying to gobble it again. There’s something about how over the top it is, and the combination of sushi elements, rich mayo, spice from the chilli oil, all stuffed into a (adorable) light and crispy seaweed taco, that is kind of irresistible.


Churros (Mexico City, Bentleigh)

These churros were so crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and wonderful with the chocolate and caramel sauces. Yum!