Life Lately

August disappeared in a blur and I barely know where it went!

For starters, I’m completely addicted to Pokemon Go! I feel like I wasted the first month of play as I only began to understand the complexity of the game like two weeks ago and wish I had done things a bit differently. T has been an absolute monster at the game, going about it with military precision and dedication (as expected) – last week he registered everything available to be caught in Australia. I’ve probably got two to three weeks of hard grind to get the last few difficult ones. When people ask what happens when you catch them all… well that’s probably where the tough journey begins. I’ve still got a lot to learn! I definitely struggle a lot with understanding the Pokemon elements… this is what happens when you don’t grow up playing Pokemon (or watching Pokemon… I watched casually but I followed Dragon Ball a lot more eagerly, haha!)

I’ve also been busy starting a side hustle. It’s been hard and quite stressful, but hopefully it will bring in some extra cash! I definitely want to be as aggressive as possible with my savings/mortgage.

My dad was briefly hospitalised over the weekend because he had a virus that got complicated. Thankfully it was pretty straightforward and apart from quite a lot of pain initially, he’s much better now and back at home. He was very pleased with the ward he got at the Alfred with a wonderful view of Fawkner Park, hehe. The moral of the story: if getting worse, visit the GP again!

A year ago today, I moved into my apartment! I’m looking around now though and I’m pretty embarrassed because of how messy it is – I haven’t cleaned in a long time. Shaking my head.