OOTDs: New, old and pre-owned

It seems I have a bit of a theme recently, in trying to pull out pieces that I would usually think of as fairly summer-y and giving them life in winter. Then I realised another theme for this was: some of my favourite pre-owned pieces.

This dress I bought preowned. I adored it in the stores, and was severely tempted to purchase it several times, but alas it sold out before I really made up my mind. Of course once I couldn’t have it, I regretted it so much! T and I call it the “neutrophil dress”, haha. It popped up on eBay (possibly even new with tags, actually…) and I jumped on it! It doesn’t wash so well and has shrunken so I’m disappointed in that, but I am planning to try and unshrink it when I have time (I should also steam it so it’s less wrinkly… but in reality I wore it like this, so I won’t pretend otherwise, haha). It’s sleeveless so I normally don’t think to wear it in winter… but having acquired the cream cableknit jumper recently, I’ve decided the jumper goes with everything and ties in summer pieces for winter. Speaking of the jumper, I love it! I realised it’s a tad short, but the cotton cableknit material is so comfortable. I’ve worn it a fair bit already. This coat is the oldest coat in my collection… I purchased it in the first year of university and it was expensive at the time, but now into it’s eighth year, I’m still not sick of it and it’s still going very strong. Good job, young me.

ootd 2
ootd 1

Jumper: Uniqlo | Dress: Marcs (pre-owned via eBay) | Coat: MNG | Scarf: David Lawrence

The next thing I pulled out was this skirt which I absolutely adored all summer (one of my favourite pre-owned buys). But I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty floral, haha. I also decided to pair it with the cableknit and think I got away with it? I’m also trying to show off (not very well) the lining of this Ted Baker coat – another one of my best pre-owned finds. It was an absolute bargain and I’ve worn it quite a lot since getting it a few months ago. I’m always drooling at Ted Baker coats.

ootd 3
ootd 4

Jumper: Uniqlo | Skirt: Marcs (pre-owned via eBay) | Coat: Ted Baker (pre-owned via eBay) | Shoes: Joanne Mercer

Lastly I was going somewhere over the weekend and really wanted to carry a small and light bag. In that category I only have one bag. There’s a long story behind the hunt for this bag – I wanted that particular season’s colour, and I also ended up buying it pre-owned (it was fairly stressful!). Sadly, I don’t wear it enough and I’m really trying to change that… by even bringing it out in winter! Isn’t that dedication? I’ve decided I’m really not fussed even if the bag doesn’t really “go” with winter attire. I am going to happily wear her more often.


Coat: Ted Baker (pre-owned via eBay) | Bag: Mulberry (pre-owned via eBay)