On money diaries (& being nosy)


This week I discovered, became obsessed with and practically devoured the Money Diaries at Refinery29. I’m such a nosy person, and I love geeking about budgets, so this was really the best thing ever to read!

Apart from being generally super nosy, I really enjoyed seeing where money tended to be spent throughout the day. Surprisingly the overall (non-fixed) spending habits were more similar across the board, despite the very different incomes levels. I really could relate when unexpected expenses popped up! I can track every cent of mine (an OCD characteristic since the days when my pocket money was $1, no kidding) and already do so in writing, so I don’t think I would discover anything new if I did a money diary. I may still be interested in doing one though, because who knows, I could learn something. Or it would just be incredibly boring.

Thanks to an unexpected and incredibly generous gift from a relative, I’ve managed to surpass this year’s savings/extra house repayments goal before the halfway mark of the year! Nonetheless I have decided to put that to the side (mentally not literally) and continue working with my current budget and goals. I still think I can reach the savings goal and even surpass it by myself! (Please be kind to me, tax time!) I’ve definitely reined in and tightened my spending habits even more in the last two months, and am feeling quite content to just very VERY slowly save and plan for the things I want/need to spend on. Unexpected expenses are hurting me though.

I’m suddenly reminded that there are a lot of things I have been continually too lazy to list up on eBay though, which I should definitely get to…

[EDIT] I have since posted my 2 weeks in Melbourne money diary!

  • I also love the Money Diaries and similar types of blog posts. As a nosy fellow NYC-dweller, their many NYC resident money diaries are especially fascinating. I do think many of the people behind the NYC ones are either living paycheck to paycheck or possibly have more of a subsidy from their parents or significant others than is fully disclosed. NYC life is just expensive in so many sneaky and unexpected ways.

    Congratulations on being ahead of your money goals for the year so far! I just keep chipping away at my goals, but it gets really boring because I pretty much have the same money routine every month. (I should probably feel lucky that my month to month expenses are fairly stable, I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had any really big surprise expenses this year.)

    • Thank you so much for dropping by! πŸ™‚

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who loves being nosy about other people’s finances, haha! I didn’t look too carefully at how the figures added up but I had sneaking suspcions some might’ve not added up or as you mention, they were stretched thin paycheck to paycheck. Gosh I do hear that NYC is such an expensive city. Melbourne is supposedly also one of the more expensive cities to live in, so I am sympathetic. Sigh…

      I feel the same about the slow steps towards money goals feeling so boring after a while. Thankfully a strict budget means I can’t get lazy and conveniently ever “forget” where slices of my income are being allocated to. Oh well… big picture, right?

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