New in: Stuff I got lately

Do excuse me if this post is rather rambly, as I am sick – I’m at that stage where my illness is still getting a lot worse before it gets better.

First up is an his and hers order from Uniqlo that came in a few days ago. Uniqlo was doing a winter sale on winter staples the previous week. It was a good time for T to get another cashmere jumper and a merino wool sweater. He already owns these, and being a creature of habit who dislikes shopping, getting the same things in different colours is the way to go. The cashmere jumper was a good price, down from $149.90 to $99.90 (no longer on sale). Between us I’m pretty sure we own almost every fabric that Uniqlo makes clothes in! I also ordered a cable knit jumper that’s been on my wishlist. It wasn’t on sale but as an online order I will be getting a few dollars of cashback.





Uniqlo Middle Gauge Cable Crew Neck Sweater via Uniqlo | Extra Fine Merino V Neck Sweater (Men) Uniqlo | Cashmere V Neck Sweater (Men) via Uniqlo

I also finally upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6s (from 5c – blue) in rose gold. I was unsure about upgrading because at this time of year it’s closer to the release of iPhone 7 than the release of iPhone 6s. I picked a case from Sonix. This wasn’t the case I wanted the most but all the ones I wanted would be expensive to buy from America.


Sonix Rosalie iPhone 6/6s case via JB Hi-Fi; via ShopSonix

A few days ago my parents also came back from six weeks of travelling. It was so good to see them again! They brought back with them sooo much stuff for me (I had only asked them to keep an eye out for one thing). I was really spoilt rotten! There were a lot of random souvenirs including snacks. I love geting food! I was pretty excited for the snacks. They very kindly got me a perfume I’ve been wanting for a long time as it was about 30% cheaper overseas in duty free than it retails for in Australia. Thank you so much, parents!


English Pear & Freesia! (Probably can’t even read it)


Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne via Jo Malone

Also how about these super adorable mug and bowl lids? Love them! Thanks to my aunt for picking these for me.


By far the most unbelievable thing they got me was a new suitcase. I certainly didn’t need one and this was way too much money spent on a suitcase for me (I literally can’t even bring myself to think how much it costs)! Plus bringing a suitcase back from across the globe! Eep! This makes me feel so guilty. #feelingsuperspoilt But it is incredibly pretty and well made.


  • Ria

    I didn’t know you got a 5c. Was this the one that got wet and screen broken? I think I didn’t see that it was blue because of the case.

    Jo Malone makes me curious. A friend says a lot of his female friends ask him to buy it whenever he’s abroad. We used to not have a shop here.

    A Rimowa! That’s really something! I also don’t want to think how much it costs. Hahaha.

    It seems Christmas got there early.

    • Yes I broke the screen (got it fixed) and then dropped it in the loo (diy fixed, yay!). I was a really bad parent of the 5c. I also left it at restaurants every week and completely lost it once. Aiyoo.
      This is my third bottle of Jo Malone! Oops!
      I hadn’t rven heard of Rimowa :O

  • I share your Uniqlo addiction, haha! Also you got so much lovely stuff from your parents!

    • Uniqlo is just so great for staple clothing items!

      Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂