Fashion: My best cost-per-wear clothing item

Sometimes unlikely clothing items end up being the most worn and best cost-per-wear pieces in the wardrobe. I got this short sleeved “t-shirt” blouse from Marks & Spencer in China in early 2014. I don’t get much clothing from Asia and I was unsure about the quality of M&S clothing since we don’t have it here in Australia. It also converted to roughly AU$30 so for a little polyester top, it wasn’t exactly too cheap to pass up. Anyway, because of the cute (fake) collar and flower print which I fell in love with (and it’s pretty “me”), I decided to just grab it. I would probably not regret it, right?

As it turns out, it is probably my most-worn top in the past few years. It’s been super versatile. Because of the light material (even if it’s not as breathable as natural fibres) and colours (the white, the navy and the little bits of pink), it transitions into cold or warm months. It also goes with many colours and outfits. It’s especially easy to use it to add a pop of interest to a neutral or dark toned outfit. It also washes amazingly – I can toss it in the wash on any cycle and it comes out looking perfect. The polyester material means no wrinkles, ever. I see no obvious discolouration anywhere and it’s never bled. It’s the epitome of “wash and wear” and it has been absolutely no fuss at all. I just can’t get over how easy it is to wear and to take care of. More importantly of course, I already love the style, print and colours.

If I had to hazard a guess, I must have worn it at least 200 times by now, bringing this $30 top’s cost-per-wear to less than 15 cents. That’s pretty good for this unlikely hero that is still going so strong and definitely has many more washes and wears in its life!

most worn top 2

Top: Marks & Spencer | Skirt: Hi There by Karen Walker (pre-owned via eBay) | Bag: Kate Spade New York