A winter Saturday

A winter Saturday

The last few days Melbourne has seen some of the coldest June weather in decades. Saturday was actually a really nice day. It was absolutely my kind of weather – crisp and chilly, only a few clouds, no wind (or rain). As a winter lover, I thought it was beautiful, and really wanted to be out and about!

For brunch we checked out Noisette in Port Melbourne. We went to town on pastries and took the cakes for eating later. It was nice, but the pastries were not outstanding. Given it’s reputation, I was slightly underwhelmed.




After several changes of plan (I wanted to go to a market but they would probably close soon after we could get there), we just spent the afternoon walking around the city. I couldn’t believe that it was only a few days ago when Melbourne was enveloped in so much fog that the top of buildings weren’t even visible.





I picked up a treat for myself from La Belle Miet. The one at the end of Collins St is so tiny and adorable but really needs better signage. It’s no wonder I never noticed it before.


For dinner we tried out Ponshu Kiroro, a relatively new Japanese restaurant. They define themselves as Hokkaido fusion cuisine. It was quite nice, but the portions were surprisingly heftier than we had anticipated. We totally could have done without the kurobuta ribs, which we ended up taking almost all of back home (and were also a bit rubbery and chewy). The chicken senbei was not what I had expected, but addictively good! We’ve already decided to return in the future to try the ramen and other dishes. Having learnt from our mistakes this time, we will order with restraint.