Thoughts: My “One in, one out” goal

This year I am working towards making better choices in beauty and fashion purchases, minimising consumption waste while maximising what I own, and just overall decluttering. Plus, it will hopefully help my strict budget. I have decided to follow a “one in, one out” mindset. This means that when something comes in, something else has to go. Realistically, I may even go with “one in, two out” in a lot of categories, because I am really wanting to whittle products down.

I don’t want to call it a rule because it is not meant to be a restriction on myself and I am not trying to become a minimalist or anything. It’s about freeing myself from the clutter and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I am not happy with a lot of things I have, and the amount of things I have. I think I would feel happier having less overall and loving everything more. I prefer to think of it as a mindset… a guidance to help me not lose sight of what I am ultimately trying to achieve.