Food lately: April 2016

Here’s another installment of my favourite dishes recently. There weren’t that many stars last month though, so this was a bit of a stretch.

food bar liberty salt pepper vegetables

Salt & Pepper Vegetables (Bar Liberty, Fitzroy)

I know the name sounds really boring, but these were understated and incredible! Thin slices of vegetable (baby corn, eggplant, tomato and others) were deep fried in the most amazingly light and crispy batter (think of tempura but taken up five notches!) with a salty and peppery kick. The vegetable housed inside was still incredibly fresh and flavoursome.

food lune croissanterie plain croissant

Croissant – Traditional French croissant, prepared over 3 days (Lune Croissanterie, Fitzroy)

I already wrote about my experience and a review of Lune here. The plain croissant was without doubt my favourite. Crispy on the outside, the inside had perfectly crafted layers that were beautifully buttery and flaky. It was all baked to perfection.

food tim ho wan melbourne baked bun with bbq pork

Baked bun with BBQ pork (Tim Ho Wan, Melbourne)

I still prefer the normal Char Siu Bao/steamed BBQ pork buns to these sweeter baked versions, but I must say these were delicious. They were slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy inside and had a generous filling of Cantonese BBQ pork that just ooze out. They were not overly sweet, and a great sweet baked version of the yum cha classic.