Food lately: March 2016

Food Lately is a quick wrap up of some of my favourite food dishes recently.

hercules morse peanut butter parfait

Salted peanut brittle parfait, bruleed banana + butterscotch sauce (Hercules Morse Kitchen + Bar, South Melbourne)

Here’s an image from a dimly lit restaurant with a candle as the main source of light that doesn’t do the dish justice. This dessert blew me away. There was creamy ice cream goodness, with crunchy bits, crispy sticky banana bits, and the perfect mesh of salted peanut and butterscotch flavours. It tasted even better than it sounds. Nom nom…

ziggys eatery mooo burger

“Mooo” beef burger with aioli + Ziggy’s BBQ sauce (Ziggy’s Eatery, Balaclava)

This place is one of my favourite burger joints in Melbourne now. The beef patty was juicy and the sauces were spread on the buns with the heavy hand, so it was rich (also unfortunately very drippy) and had heaps of flavour.

red door corner store crab omelette

Mooloolaba spanner crab omelette, confit shallots, cherry tomato + housemade chilli crab sauce (Red Door Corner Store, Northcote)

I’ve struggled to find good crab omelettes on the brunch scene because kitchens tend to add too many weird Asian flavours that I don’t want. This one was well balanced and also had sizeable chunks of crab. Yum!

huff bagelry autumn brekky

Autumn Brekky bagel: ham, egg, cheese + beetroot relish (Huff Bagely, Carnegie)

Huff Bagelry and this particular bagel is a long time favourite. In fact I have never been able to order anything else because I don’t want to not have this bagel. Every now and then I crave this bagel. It looks simple on paper but there is something so perfect about the balance of the beetroot relish, ham and creamy egg mixture. Here I’ve ordered it on the garlic, salt and rosemary bagel. This one is highly recommended!