Growing plants in my apartment AKA my aspiring green thumb

Since moving out, I have been quietly keen on growing plants. Living in an apartment, I only have a balcony, and the space both inside and out are restrictive, so I have been selective and verrry slowly building my green army.

The latest addition to my balcony is this lemon tree. It was actually dying on Le Boyfie’s parents’ apartment balcony, where it probably wasn’t getting enough sun. They gave it to me since my apartment gets a bucketload of sun.


As you can see, it was reduced to not very much when we transported it to a new pot on my balcony ($60 from Bunnings Warehouse, but it’s neutral and very light). It was a sad sight. But lo and behold, this morning, after eight days, I saw beautiful little green shoots! Excitement levels were as high as they could be right after waking up (I water all my plants as soon as I get out of bed in the morning).


The only other plant I have on the balcony is my Japanese maple tree, an Acer palmatum. The traditional Japanese maples are my favourite plant in the entire world, and to me Japan’s koyo (colourful autumn leaves) is when the country is the most beautiful. In August 2015, Le Boyfie helped me to pick a young Japanese maple. Well to me it looked like a twig, but apparently he picked the best one. So at the end of last winter, I had a $5 twig.


Literally within a couple of weeks, the first little leaves sprouted. Look at how adorable they were! Nyaw. Now six months on and you wouldn’t even recognise the transformation!!!



Next up for the balcony, I’m planning a herb garden. I will most likely get the same pot as the lemon tree so they sit neatly next to each other and then it’s a matter of picking what to grow.

Indoors, I keep a number of cacti. At the end of 2014, I got one little cactus, a Gymnocalycium baldianum. I bought an adorable little pot from Daiso and it’s been going strong ever since.


On the left is what it looked like around the time I first got it. On the right is what it looked like a year later! And now…


(The green ribbon was my way of decorating it for Christmas, but now I kind of like it there…)

So after a year of growing that cactus, my mum gifted me three more that she had put into a glass bowl. I am in the process of finding a new pot for these three though (the glass bowl has no soil or drainage) as well as a bigger pot for the first cactus as it is speedily growing out of its first home. Excitingly, one of them has been flowering on and off all summer! So lucky that one just opened this morning!




Finishing with a family portrait. I seem to be having good luck with all of these plants so far and hopefully the family will continue to grow.